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One day tour in Venice (Venezia)

A flight along the Brenta Riviera, landing on the historical airfield of Venice Lido (Venezia Lido).

One day tour in Piran

A day of flying and strolls along the North Adriatic coast, landing in Portorose with lunch on the sea front in the splendid town of Piran in Slovenia. One day tour in Piran, flight time (round trip): 1 hour and 45 minutes. Price per person (with 3 passengers) € 680 ** Price per person (with […]

One day tour in Asiago

Enjoy a steep turn over Castelfranco and Cittadella than land in Asiago, the highest airport in Italy. Have a typical lunch and a beautiful walk or snowshoe hike before your return scenic flight. One day tour in Asiago, flight time (round trip): 57 minutes. Price per person (with 3 passengers) € 350 ** Price per […]