One day in Venice A flight along the Brenta Riviera, landing on the historical airfield of Venice Lido (Venezia Lido). Fly and broaden your horizons V-Fly uses Diamond DA42 Twin Star aircraft for sight-seeing flights Garda Lake Tour Romantic Verona and then historic Sirmione will introduce you to the largest lake in Italy. One day trip in Pirano, Slovenia A day of flying and strolls along the North Adriatic coast, landing in Portorose with lunch on the sea front.

Scenic Flights

Enjoy an aerial view of the beautiful sights of Italy: Padua (Padova), Venice (Venezia), Garda Lake, the Dolomites, Rome…

Unique experiences

Have a ride on our modern Diamond DA42 Twin Star e broaden your horizons.

One day tours

Fly over beautiful landscapes, land at destination, enjoy the local activities and fly back to base before sunset.

Scenic Flights

One day Tour